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About New York Dog Wash

Welcome all fur babies great and small!


Here at New York Dog Wash we believe that dogs are part of the family too. Therefore we do things a bit differently. Here are just a few examples:


No Cages! That's right, we wouldn't like to see our children locked up in cages, so why should we do it to our fur babies? We use open plan playpens so the dogs can play with other furry friends whilst awaiting their groom or pick up.


The groomers don't hide behind walls! We've got nothing to hide so why should we hide from you? When you walk into New York Dog Wash you'll see our groomers at work and the dogs at play (sometimes the groomers at play too!) We believe that being able to see where your fur baby will be getting their beautifying will put your mind at ease. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your fur baby into the New York Dog Wash Family.

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